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Al Pervez Residential Interior Design in Faisal Hills

Experienced designers at Janan Interior have beautifully crafted the interiors of a 1-kanal house in Faisal Hills, Islamabad. With a keen sense of style and creativity, our professionals have added luxurious elements to make this house truly special. Our team collaborates with architects to ensure functional spaces with a futuristic touch in every room.

The bedrooms are not only comfortable and modern but also boast an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. The lounge or living room is designed to be welcoming and lively for visitors. The highlight of this project is the drawing + dining area, which is considered the heart of the house. We’ve added decorative wall elements, customized furniture, and other home accessories to enhance this space.

Janan Interior

Al Pervez Residential Interior Design in Faisal Hills

"Collaboration is key in our approach,
as we work hand-in-hand to enhance our clients'
spaces and make them truly exceptional."


Jananinterior wants to make spaces better by creating beautiful and useful interiors. We work hard to create a unique and modern home


We dream of being leaders in interior design, always bringing new and stylish ideas to make spaces look amazing.


We believe in being honest, creative, and making our clients happy. Jananinterior is committed to making spaces special

Design the Bedroom TV lounge and Complete Interior

Owning a home is an artistic endeavor, and our designers make it extra special for our clients. The Janan Interior design team is known for being skilled specialists in the interior world. We prioritize our client’s needs, offering both top-class design options and budget-friendly solutions. Even with limited budgets, our experts find substitute elements to meet client requirements.

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