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comprehensive Residential Interior Design services. We pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency and work efficiency, effectively simplifying the complex art of home décor for the benefit of our clients.

At Janan Interior, our mission is to understand and transform your vision into a 3D reality. We’re more than just about selling a product or service – we’re about offering our expertise and know-how to give you the best possible experience.

Our approach is easy to understand and broken down into six easy stages. We handle everything from consultation to execution, simplifying each step of the process and making it easy for you to follow along. We’re in this together at every stage of the journey, providing inclusive and comprehensive guidance to ensure your home interior transformation is seamless and stress-free.

Each client is unique, so our services are tailored specifically to suit your exact needs and goals. We’re here to help guide you on this journey, offering professional solutions designed to bring your interior vision to life.

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complete interior services in one one-step solution 

Residential Interior

Residential Interior

with our Residential Interior Design we have a best option you can choose from any of them to fit your lifestyle while staying within your budget.
Commercial Interior

Commercial Interior

Our skilled designers is dedicated to transforming your commercial space into a Modern environment that reflects your brand's identity
kitchen design

kitchen design

Our comprehensive services include Space planning and layout design 3D visualization and rendering that reflects your unique style
3D Designing

3D Designing

our 3D Designing service include spatial planning, furniture layout, bedding, textiles, lighting design, and efficient project management

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Six Reasons why our Residential Interior service
is best then other provider

Quality Material

We use premium quality materials in each residential project to ensure continuous excellence

Expertise and Experience

Our team at janan Interior knows how to make your place look awesome. We can do all kinds of styles, so it feels just right for you.

Listens to You

We really want to know what you like. Your home should show who you are, and we make sure it does.

Time Availability

we understand the importance of your time. Our flexible schedules and prompt availability ensure that your project progresses smoothly

Quick Response

We're here to provide prompt and efficient service to make your experience smooth and stress-free.

Talks to You Clearly

We always tell you what's happening. No secrets. We want you to feel happy and relaxed through the whole process

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Professional Residential Designer

For over 21 years, our talented team of professionals has been turning houses into beautiful homes; with over 129 successful projects under our belt in Islamabad, Lahore, and other cities across the country, we've become an integral part of countless Pakistanis' lives. We are more than just a design firm. We are creators of spaces that evoke emotion, filled with potential memories forged within the confines of aesthetically pleasing and functional designs. Our modern approach to design coupled with our commitment to quality has set us apart and made us a household name in our nation.

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Interior designers bring expertise to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces tailored to your style, ensuring a cohesive and well-designed environment.

Designers can prevent costly mistakes by planning efficiently, maximizing your budget, and leveraging industry connections for discounted prices on furniture and materials.

While decorators focus on aesthetics, interior designers have a broader skill set. They can plan layouts, modify structures, and handle construction aspects, in addition to selecting furnishings and decor.

Not necessarily. Interior designers can work with various budgets. They help you allocate funds wisely and suggest cost-effective solutions while still achieving a well-designed and functional space.

Transparency is a priority. During the initial consultation, we discuss all potential costs, ensuring there are no hidden surprises. Our goal is to provide a clear breakdown of the budget.

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