office interior design

Our experienced office designers create workplaces that reinforce your company culture, improve employee well-being, and boost productivity

office interior design
office interior design

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we’re experts at creating workspaces that boost your company culture, enhance employee well-being, and increase productivity. As leaders in office interior design in Pakistan, we offer a comprehensive solution. We don’t just come up with the initial office design concept; we bring it to life through interior fit-out, project management, and office furniture. Our focus is on delivering impactful solutions.

Our skilled office designers turn your aspirations into reality, sticking to timelines and budget constraints for a smooth project delivery—from the initial concept to a detailed office space design. To truly grasp your business and its workplace challenges, we dive into your world, closely collaborating with you to understand your unique needs.

Focused on creating impactful solutions

Reimagining your office space

office designs evolve to adapt to new ways of working, our workplace consultancy specialists assist you in transitioning seamlessly. Our office interior design team reimagines your office space, offering practical workspace solutions, well-being strategies for employees, and thoughtful considerations for lighting, color, and furnishings.

Our overarching goal is to turn your ideas into reality with a full-service commercial interior design team, covering office interior design, fit-out, build, and furniture planning. With over 21 years of experience as a leading office design company in Pakistan, we take pride in delivering high-profile corporate office interior design projects. Our commitment to clients ensures snag-free, high-standard project delivery every time.

office interior design

Type of services we provide

Office Table design

When you want to purchase an Office Table, it’s important to pick one that’s really good quality since you’ll be using it a lot. Spending money on a good one is a smart choice because it will last you for many years and help you in your work. 

After choosing the kind of table you want, think about its design and color. Office tables are available in many sizes and colors. They can be as big as a dining table or as small as a side table, but most are about four feet long and two feet wide. If you have the room, you might want a bigger table so more people can work together. If your space is tight, a smaller table might be better, especially if you need to fit things like files and storage boxes on it.

at Janan Interior design office table with complete client and space requirements like size color design everything we customize in our furniture factory

Office Table Design
office ceiling design

office ceiling design

we specialize in offering top-notch office ceiling design services across Pakistan, catering to a variety of workspace needs. Our expertise in ceiling design encompasses a wide range of styles and materials to perfectly match your office’s aesthetic and functional 

If you need a fancy ceiling, we’ve got you covered. We do all kinds – from modern designs to cozy wooden ones. You can pick what you like best, whether it’s a smooth gypsum style or a shiny metal look. We also have fabric cloth ceilings for a unique touch. We use good materials to make sure your ceiling stays nice for a long time. Our goal is to make your office look awesome and make you happy with our work!

office Sofa design

An office sofa set not only makes your office comfy but also adds to its style. You can choose from modern 1, 2, and 3-seater sets made from different materials to fit any office space, whether it’s a boardroom, reception area, or other spots.

At Janan Interior, We help lots of people find great furniture for their offices. We’ve got everything you need for sofas, whether you like traditional or modern styles. Our sofas are made with your office’s look and feel in mind. Janan Interior offers affordable prices for office sofas in Pakistan, with lots of styles to choose from. You can easily pick out your favorites without breaking the bank.

Janan Interior designs office Sofas with complete client and space requirements like size color design everything we customize in our furniture factory

Commercial interior design
Office interior Design

Office Wall Design

Our team of designers is really good at making all kinds of designs, and we’ve won awards for it! We’ve worked on lots of projects all around the world. With our special tech tools, you can see how your design will look and make changes before we even build it. We’re experts in handling complete projects for shops and offices. We take care of everything from supplying products to doing the actual work. It’s like a one-stop shop for making your commercial or retail space look awesome!

Commercial interior design is a special kind of design that needs to find the right balance between looking good and being practical. It’s about creating spaces that not only look nice but also work well for their purpose. This applies to places like offices, stores, restaurants, and hotels. at Janan Interior, our goal is to make spaces that are welcoming, and useful, and show off the brand’s identity. It’s like creating an environment that does more than just look good – it serves a purpose too.

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Why choose Janan Interior to
design your workplace?

Choosing Janan Interior for designing your workplace offers numerous benefits that stem from their expertise, experience, and client-focused approach. Here’s why Janan Interior stands out as the ideal partner for your office design needs:
From the initial concept to the final touches, Janan Interior provides a full suite of services including interior design, fit-out, project management, and furniture selection. This all-encompassing approach simplifies the process for clients, offering a seamless transition from design to execution.
our office designs attract a highly talented workforce, fostering an environment where employees are inspired to succeed. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, we provide comprehensive interior services for residential and commercial projects across the country, specializing in office interior design, office table design, office ceiling design, office sofa design, and office wall design services.
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