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Col mera baksh House interior Faisal Hills

Janan Interior finished making a new modern-designed house in Faisal Hills, Islamabad. We really thought about what our client wanted while doing this project. We listened to everything they wanted, including the look of their dream home, and we finished it on time. Making sure our clients feel good and the space works well is super important to us because we believe feeling comfy and having a nice style should always go together. Our best interior designers worked on this project.

People say Janan’s interior design team is really good at what they do. Our team thinks about what the clients need when they come up with cool and creative ideas. Besides giving top-notch design options, we also offer choices that fit the budget. Sometimes, when a client doesn’t have a big budget, we find other ways to make them happy. We create a special mood for the inside, whether it’s old-fashioned, traditional, fun, or new.

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Chaudhary Majeed House interior Faisal Hills
Mr Sajid House Interior Project Gujrat
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"We like to work together and support each other
to make sure our clients are happy
with the way their spaces look and feel."


Janan Interior wants to make spaces better by creating beautiful and useful interiors. We work hard to create a unique and modern home


We dream of being leaders in interior design, always bringing new and stylish ideas to make spaces look amazing.


We believe in being honest, creative, and making our clients happy. Jananinterior is committed to making spaces special

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